Sponsors and Exhibitor List

GOLD SPONSOR: SHL - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference


SHL, the global leader in talent innovation, helps companies transform productivity through deeper people insight. Powering the future of business, our data and tools are proven to drive stronger, more sustainable business outcomes. Our unrivalled assessment science, benchmark data and analytics empower leaders and their teams to make confident, data-driven people decisions, when it matters most – transforming the way organisations recruit, manage and develop talent. With 40-years of talent expertise, we’re a trusted technology partner to more than 10,000 companies worldwide. We work with companies of all sizes in every industry across more than 150 countries, including 80% of the FTSE 100 and 50% of the Fortune Global 500. For more information, visit www.shl.com
GOLD SPONSOR: Dale Carnegie - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference GOLD SPONSOR: Dale Carnegie - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference

GOLD SPONSOR: Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie delivers time-tested personal development and growth training that is a catalyst for individual and workforce transformation, helping people from all walks of life become fearless and giving leaders the confidence they need to get the most out of life and work. Headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, Dale Carnegie is represented in all 50 of the United States and over 90 countries. More than 2,700 trainers present Dale Carnegie programs in 30 languages every day. For over 100 years, Dale Carnegie has helped communities all over the world prosper by improving the personal and financial well-being of the people who live there, and the companies that do business there. Today, we continue to cross borders and generations, showing people how to tap into the best parts of themselves to create positive change. Over 8 million people worldwide have attended a Dale Carnegie training.
SILVER SPONSOR: British Council KSA - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference


The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We create friendly knowledge and understanding between the people of the UK and other countries. Using the UK’s cultural resources we make a positive contribution to the countries we work with – changing lives by creating opportunities, building connections and engendering trust. We work with over 100 countries across the world in the fields of arts and culture, English language, education and civil society. Each year we reach over 20 million people face-to-face and more than 500 million people online, via broadcasts and publications. Founded in 1934, we are a UK charity governed by Royal Charter and a UK public body. The majority of our income is raised delivering a range of projects and contracts in English teaching and examinations, education and development contracts and from partnerships with public and private organisations. Eighteen per cent of our funding is received from the UK government.
SILVER SPONSOR: Ideas group - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference

SILVER SPONSOR: Forces of Humanity

As the exclusive partner for the Arbinger institute in Saudi Arabia, Forces of Humanity has been implementing Arbinger’s work since 2017. Arbinger’s unique approach to organizational transformation has been developed through academic research and proved with thousands of clients over the last 35 years. Arbinger helps organizations tackle some of their toughest challenges, such as leadership development, resistance to change, team building and collaboration, conflict resolution, crisis management, and culture change. Arbinger approaches these and other challenges at the level of mindset by delivering a robust set of concepts and practical tools in order to quickly and sustainably change behavior to obtain previously unreachable results. Arbinger delivers training, consulting, coaching, and digital tools to help individuals and organizations transform themselves through a change in mindset. Forces of Humanity is located in Riyadh, offers consulting and training and is equipped with local know-how and a certified team.
SILVER SPONSOR: Ideas group - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference


Ideas group is all about performance. We believe in learning partnerships where leadership and talent development are fostered through tailor-made workshops, consulting engagements and transformational experiential learning experiences. With 4,500 projects executed in more than 26 countries since 2007, ideas group upgraded the performance of almost 100,000 people in 19 industries. www.ideasgrp.com
SILVER SPONSOR: CoREACH - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference


WE are the first local coaching firm and platform applying holistic global solutions aimed at enabling a “WE” culture in the region. WE are pioneers in adopting the Holacracy organizational system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through being a teal organization. WE provide a different approach to thinking, communicating, working, and living at the core of our services. WE support businesses through providing solutions that develop their culture and workforce at all levels, enhance their values, and empower to seek the opportunity for growing their skills and boost their performance, while making a positive impact on individuals, teams, and the organization as a whole.
SILVER SPONSOR: Education First - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference

SILVER SPONSOR: Education First

SILVER SPONSOR: The Talent Enterprise - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference

SILVER SPONSOR: The Talent Enterprise

The Talent Enterprise is the region’s premier ‘think’ and ‘do’ tank dedicated to the advancement of human capital. We collaborate with our clients on their most compelling talent, employability, engagement, performance, leadership and retention challenges. We are dedicated to creating solutions which are uncluttered, evidence-based and locally relevant. Having worked in the MENA region for almost 20 years, our advisory and analytics team has an unmatched understanding of the regional talent landscape, with a key focus on nationalisation and local talent development.

Our clients include policymakers, private and public sector employers, as well as educational institutions seeking to get the best out of their people and organisations. We are an interdisciplinary, multilingual team of professionals with diverse backgrounds in HR, leadership, organisational psychology, behavioural economics and education.

LEARNING SPONSOR: Baltas Group  - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference


Since 1983, Baltas Group provides tailor-made solutions for companies who seek sustainable success through getting to know people, developing employees and leading change.

New generation evaluation methods provide information on employee performance in selection, placement and promotion decisions. In this way, the investment in choosing new colleagues and HIPOs, in developing existing employees becomes efficient.

With contemporary learning science methods, digitalized and non-digitalized solutions are used together to reach fast and permanent changes in behaviour. Focused on agile strategies business games, simulations, trainings provide participants learn through experience.

Baltas Group is the largest training and consultancy company in terms of likability, recognition and customer loyalty with its experienced staff and synergy it creates with specialized support companies.
LEARNING SPONSOR: Training Calendar  - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference

LEARNING SPONSOR: Training Calendar

Training Calendar platform helps corporates, individuals, and governments solve their skill development related challenges. For Corporate, Training calendar have separate Enterprise (B2B) solution which is the Learning Experience Platform (LXP) covering Skill Development, Talent Management, Employee Engagement, and Performance Management modules. Training Calendar helps the enterprise to identify the skills of their employees, define competency, identify the skill gaps and develop Training Need Analysis. Additionally, our algorithms also recommend the right training program to fulfill employee skill gaps across the globe including 75000+ e-learning courses and 7000+ classroom courses.

Our internal learning features enable staff to unlock frontline knowledge and empower anyone to create engaging training to share their skills and expertise within your organization through classroom, self – learning and on the job training programs. As a result, the HR /L&D Manager will be able to manage all internal learning initiatives efficiently including induction and on-boarding training. Through our gamified platform, employees to learn in a fun way and drive more engagement with Badges, Points, Levels, Rewards, and Leaderboards. Our highly advanced analytics allow Corporate to identify & retain the top talents across your organization.

Corporate can also build the right project teams based on specific project needs and ensure better delivery. It is an innovative and only platform available in the world for personalized learning. In our innovative performance module, the task management system connects people skills to achieve the KPIs and objectives of the organization. This is a very intuitive, innovative and effective model.


Black Cube Solutions Company is well poised to disrupt the learning and performance through machine learning and AI. Training calendar’s INNOWORK provides a platform to corporate users for identifying the skills of their employees, update their competency and find their skill gaps. Our AI-based platform helps to develop Training Need Analysis and search or allocate the training courses from 100,000+ courses listed in the platform in few clicks. The system will automatically create a development plan and individual learning pathways. Its Innovative Performance Management system model helps the corporate user to achieve the desired goals using their talents’ great potential and skill sets. It also recommends the employee who can be the best fit to execute the tasks based on their skills and connect with objectives and key results (OKRs) to achieve the organization’s goals and generate balanced scorecards.
EXHIBITOR: BBHolding - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference


Adhering to our corporate values and vision, our success has meant that our portfolio has grown immensely by providing the highest quality transformation strategies possible. Since day one – our energy, desire and enthusiasm influenced our journey of success. We are proud of what we have achieved whilst we are focusing on our development for the future of business transformation. Our diversified solutions will enable BBHolding to spread its excellent practice and approach indefinitely and to bolster the very highest standards of excellence.
EXHIBITOR: Careers Come - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference

EXHIBITOR: Careers Come

Careers Come is privileged to provide world class career coaching and CV writing services in addition to delivering comprehensive talent development solutions for career coaches, HR professionals, and people managers. Our services abide by trusted standards and lead to reputable global certifications. We pride ourselves for having helped job seekers, professionals, and business leaders find fruitful career paths and achieve rewarding successes.
EXHIBITOR: Eruditus Executive Education - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference

EXHIBITOR: Eruditus Executive Education

Eruditus Executive Education, founded by alumni of INSEAD, Harvard Business School, and other top business schools, delivers high-quality executive education programs to corporations and participants around the globe. Eruditus collaborates with global business schools and renowned faculty in delivering these programs. Our value proposition comes in structuring custom learning interventions, delivering open-enrolment programs, and offering SPOC model online certification programs.
EXHIBITOR: Impact Learning & Development - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference

EXHIBITOR: Impact Learning & Development

Impact is a potent symbol in the Learning and Development industry. Impact’s DNA pivots on Honesty & Integrity, Personalization, Effectiveness, Novelty, and Quality; Impact was rendered qualified for the delivery of over 550 Organizational Learning Solutions, and trained more than 60,600 trainees. Impact is an Independent Consultant for Paradigm Learning International USA, and an International Associate with KNOLSKAPE International Singapore with a platform that offers a manifold of diversified Business Simulations and Gamified Solutions. Moreover, Impact’s expertise extends to incorporate Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment, Coaching, and Strength-based workshops, along with a unique experiential portfolio of Team Building Retreats and Corporate Events.
EXHIBITOR: informa - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference

EXHIBITOR: informa

2018 marks the 25th year of operations in the MENA region. Since our beginnings as IIR Middle East 25 years ago, hundreds of thousands of professionals have boosted their careers, through our public and in-company training programmes. With our carefully screened instructors and our specialised teams, we have shaped a superior learning experience that has been a privilege to share with top tier institutions all over the MENA Region.

Informa conducts over a thousand public and customised in-house programmes annually making us the leading provider of professional development and learning across the region. The Informa learning experience promises a superior solution with renowned industry experts and leaders in their field. Along with our relationships with world renowned association and awarding body content, means that you are given access to cutting-edge content and recognised certification to drive improved performance and boost employee morale. Our aim is to enable you and your organisation to thrive.
EXHIBITOR: Leaders Development  - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference

EXHIBITOR: Leaders Development

Leaders Development (LD) is a specialized national expertise house, established in 2009 in the Saudi capital city, Riyadh. It provides the best-specialized services and products in the area of developing the leaders of both profit and non-profit organizations.

LD is INSPIRED BY THE VISION of being the competent authority in the area of developing the leaders in the Arab world.

  • We design models and products specialized in preparing and training leadership.
  • We Manage and execute leadership training projects.
  • We enrich Arabic leadership knowledge.
EXHIBITOR: MEIT  - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference


MEIT is located in Saudi Arabia. It is authorized from Ministry of Commerce and regulated by the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation. MEIT is a member of the Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia. MEIT is a member at the GCIBFI of Bahrain. MEIT is ILM Recognized Provider. MEIT introduces a package of training programs in the financial and managerial domains. These courses are provided to the banks, brokerage houses, institutions and governmental bodies in Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries. We also have a package of training courses for individuals and Business community. MEIT includes a group of professional and qualified trainers and instructors for all aspects of training courses we provide. Most of the instructors have a professional designations and holds PHD Degrees. We provide several training courses for the traders and investors of the financial markets in addition to the preparatory training courses for the financial designations examinations such as CFA, FRM, CMA, CMT and CTP. We also have training courses that are customized to meet the needs of the institutions and the private sector.
EXHIBITOR: Rosetta Stone - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference

EXHIBITOR: Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is dedicated to developing innovative digital solutions that drive positive learning outcomes for inspired language learners in schools and workplaces around the world.From the start, every word a learner hears, speaks, and reads is in their new language. That’s our Dynamic Immersion® method, the most natural way to learn a language. Our TruAccent™ speech-recognition engine guides pronunciation, without judging. That allows each learner time to practice what they say to achieve speaking confidence. Live Tutoring sessions led by native speakersenable learners to practice conversation on topics that match their current lesson and proficiency level, preparing them to speak their new language out in the real world.More than 22,000+ educational institutions, 9,000+ public sector organizations, and 12,000+ corporations worldwide have partnered with Rosetta Stone to equip students, staff, and employees with the confidence to speak for themselves.
EXHIBITOR: BME - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference

EXHIBITOR: Board Middle East

At Board Middle East (BME), we are shaping the future of education with big ideas that challenge conventional thinking and advance new models of learning. Every day we are inspiring people to find new ways to learn, connect and drive change in the way education is delivered and experienced. Through technology and services we bring people closer to the knowledge they seek and to ways they can change their own education and their own world for the better. By partnering with clients across the Middle East, we’ve built the best technologies and solutions to help advance our industry in meaningful ways. But we are not building new learning products; we are building a new way for learning to happen. Established in 2010 as a local company, BME has become in 2011, the Master Distributor of Blackboard for the Middle East.
NETWORKING PARTNER: Marefa Digital - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference


Marefa Digital is a premium digital content provider offering value-added learning & development experiences to GCC organizations and their employees. Presented in Arabic & Khaleeji dialects, our E-learning content has been provisioned to the GCC culture & the Arabic speaker providing solutions to workplace problems, and skill-sets needed in today’s modern workplace. Our E-learning tracks are thoroughly researched to reflect the latest and most practical leadership and management principles along with fresh perspectives related to the GCC in specific. Through our Human Capital Consulting arm, we help organizations in designing effective solutions & dynamic content tailored to their needs. www.marefadigital.com
NETWORKING PARTNER: WWA Corporate Coaching  - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference


WWA Corporate Coaching is the regions leading coaching specialist company. With over 40 senior expert certified coaches based in the GCC and more that 15years experience operating in the Middle East we offer a range of services that include Executive & Leadership Coaching, Systemic Leadership Team Coaching, Group Coaching, Coaching Skills Training, Mentoring Programs and Leadership Development Programs. For more on our company visit www.wwacoaching.com
MARKETING PARTNER: Eye of Riyadh - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference


EYE OF RIYADH provides effective digital marketing solutions for campaigns and events targeting Saudi Arabia and other GCC.
www.eyeofriyadh.com is one of the most popular website in the GCC among citizen, residents , tourists and investors who are seeking for information and wish to explore the opportunities in the region.
our services :
  • Email and sms campaign
  • <
  • Banner advertising
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Events and Training Marketing
  • Public Relations Services

Contact Eye of Riyadh:
Tel: +966 11 2735522
MEDIA PARTNER: Mihnati.com  - ATD Saudi Arabia Conference

MEDIA PARTNER: Mihnati.com

Mihnati.com is recruitment services provider based in Saudi Arabia, primarily helping large, medium and small organisations with their Saudisation requirements and providing automation of recruitment processes since 2006.

We are specialised in building branded career site for both public and private sectors, offering key features, for example, Applicant Tracking System, Manpower Planning, Requisition System, Integration with HRMS, Employee Onboarding.

We also provide headhunting service and have several years of experience of placing Saudi nationals and expats in various position across different industries. For more information visit: www.mihnati.com
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